NHJO HYENNRO new album "Psysxc1" free released.


My new Album "Psysxc1" released at junodownload.

Artist: Nhjo Hyennro
Title: Psysxc1
Label: Nhjo Hyennro Records
Catalog: NHCD 7
Format: Digital Album (wav,mp3)
Released Date: 2011/10/10
Nation: South Corea
Http: www.junodownload.com/Labels/Nhjo+Hyennro

Track List: 

1. Psysxc1
2. Psysxc2
3. Psysxc3
4. Psysxc4
5. Psysxc5
6. Psysxc6

 1. Psysxc1 
 2. Psysxc2 
 3. Psysxc3 
 3. Psysxc4 
 3. Psysxc5 
 3. Psysxc6 
My new album Goa/Psychedelic Trance Single released and free released.

More than "Psytrance" Sounds.
More Layer and more Twisted sounds.
Fat Synth Arp. Trance leads and Unique bass line and sounds.
You will satisfy.

My Next album will be great.


sorry My nhjo_hyennro@hotmail.com was hacking, don't login
and I want to my album picture designer. please if you interest contact to me.