하이. 접니다.
AZ NHJO HYENNRO(아즈 노흐즈오 현느로)입니다.

보문고, 리디북스, 반디엔루니스, 예스24, 알라딘, 북스리브로, 네이버북스,
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저의 스토리 "저의 인생과 미래들"이 발간되었습니다.
1주일안으로 전우주전세계발매됩니다.

Songpa gu Song pa 2 Dong
Hanyang APT 25-607, Seoul, South Korea
Phone: 082 02 417 9334
Mobile: 082 10 97492747
Email: nhjohyennro@naver.com
Personal statement

I am now Company AZ NHJO HYENNRO and S2 Entertainment CEO.
I start company at 2013 with Music Label and Distribute to Korea Music Store.
And I contract US Music Company Distributer Symphonic Distribute for release at
Itunes, Junodownload, Beatport, Google Music, Amazone, Spotify over worldwide 60 famous store.

I can expert for making music compose.
And I start compose at 1992 
And now I can compose very various genre/style especially Electronic music more detail
Goa psychedelic trance music well.
I was also expert draw picture.
From 2007 I was so many great masterpiece drawed and have will be very high priced.
And I can CHINA sports kungfu some well.
And I can some nice Dancer talent.
And I am proud of my face and body and
I will be famous great Actor worldwide and space.
And I can any game very well especially Tekken I’m World Top Pro level.
And I play guitar some well and very nice at Keyboards.
And I can make tracks very short times but Awesome.
I was can make 100 tracks per oneday. Now is more.
I was compose over1400 tracks at store but I will make more over 40000 track before old
I am very expert study and foreign language well.
I can read and speak and use Russian, German, English, China, French, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, Swedish, Netherlands etc.
I can write novel and poem very well.
I have awesome Name and words and new language talent have.
I can very expert Extra My own sports repeatedly.
I can make my own Kungfu and fight sports skill very nice and lot.
My voice I think very nice and I can sing any song very well.
And I can remember very long complex math order like pie.
And I believe I have extrasuper power like more for human health and
People control.
And I can write any type very well and my imagination skill so awesome I think.

Work history

I was born at 19780716 at seoul, South Korea.
I start Music by Piano at Young 10 years old.
And go to Computer Academy Long Time for 5 Years until 13 years old.
I was Some Bagic language can possible and make game software and Like Games (Pro level I think.) and many doing Games by Game machine.
And until 13 I was many receive prize paper over 10 most of Model Airplain by Rubber works and class sub master twice and draw a pictures etc.
I was very good student with high score. At school 2 year I was exam score school number one..
sevin(kwan dong il. Very famous game composer now), parkcoms(Park jin bae. Very famous game composer I was very friendly.), sopepos(Lee ho bum. Very genius programmer He made Note sequencer and 262IM my favorite 4operator FM synth.)
With 4people and under. Very fun. And we ride very various coaster.
Also remember Ninja. Very fun.
And at 1996 I was 3 year at high school. I am very expert music composer with various musics. I was compose track name was Raving, The Techno Effusion, and
Anthem to the hell etc. and I was very expert making Instrument Patches.
And I upload my track The Techno effusion at nownuri MIDI forum.
and want arrange to other people. And after I think someone remake my track and skill. that track was K-Pop 90’s JAJA’s in the bus (Korea name was bus anaeseo.)
that track was big hit and if you listen that track many element was my arrange skill.
and 9702 My favorite woman singer Linda’s 1th album danger zone’s hit track Danger zone (korea name is Wihumhan sangsang). Also that track use my arrange skill. and recently I find hers music video I like but at 3:38 her’s behind face shape was very similar my behind face you’ll be amaze. I don’t explain how that phenomenon.
I was very famous and popular at Nownuri (SV: sound village.) and MIDI forum by
My nownuri ID was first housemix after stompmix
Housemix mean I like house music and remix.
Stompmix mean I like Argentina DJ Dero’s Do the rave stomp.
Music composer and Patches maker and very great patches making was.

I was attend contest held by SV. That track was the techno effusion .
I was made many new patches for this track. And try new style of techno.
But result I receive medium score. But I was pride. My SV friend sprint(Kim tae hwan.) very praise to me. I am very happy. I was to go contest place.
And many people met. My track no entry but I was pride of my skill.
Some people copy my skill. and 2th contest I compose my big hit track anthem to the hell. That track I try very various style. I try some hardcore with india spirit influence with techno dance with guitar metal track. I was many new patches for this track.
First version was complete and I try 2th version. I think 2th version is very good.
More guitar adlib. I think this my track was my one of best track ever made.
I try make track want overpass Metallica’s master of puppets.
That time was I was very like music listen and record.
I was buy at 93 LG cdportable. And start collect CDs.
My first like CD was 2 unlimited’s first album Get Ready. 
I was very lot played. And at 93. At My middle school I was very famous techno musician. And I was collect many cd and tape over 400 until 1999.
Most of tape was recoding track by radio. I was very like electronic  and pop and K-POP (gayo).
I play my 5 track include Korean traditional track Arirang.
Many people likes and dance. I was very happy.
I was vocal Nine inch nail’s Do not want this and keyboard play.
Party was come many forum people. And very successed I think.
After party we to go meat food store and we eat meat with drunked with many talk.
Very memorable day.
And 21’c groove forum was very interest and my very fail party after my 2th party.
I think that date was 199807xx (I don’t remember exactly.).
Many people there and 1th Shooting star and 2th Casablanka. 3th me.
But I was not good health not carry my synthesizer.
I was carry my old keyboard Roland Pc200mk2 with My inkel audio casettet system.
I record my tracks at cassette. And my turn I play my track by cassette.
That track made by YAMAHA sy99 and some hardcore track.
Some people record by cam. I am very nervous. But If I start my track, most of people out of club. I don’t’ know why they out of club. But I think my track is too hardcore and mad. Only our member and 4-5 people remain. I very very embarrassment. And after I play my remix track was Seo Taiji and boys’s I know (korea name is Nan Alayo. And remix was using Goldwave and wave edit.)
And I vocal with tracks. And after I play my remix track with Korean famous woman singer Kim Hyun Jung’s hit track farewell from her (korea name is Geoyeowauh ibyul.). some people likes with sounds. And after my 30min dance track I play.
And I comeback to people there. Many people loves I feel and I am very satisfy.
Sounds good. I think. I was compose over 30min tracks that I my hobby.
But overall party was fail I think without other member. I think my 30min track was good. People recognition. I was go to my house without other members dinner.
But I met my friends Park sehun. He attend party and he listen until party end.
He was HITEL midi forum vims (voyage to midi sounds.). I ad my party and he attend. Very thanks.
And 21’c groove to the general forum at HITEL. I like.
And I upload my track “kreischen (original name was hardcore bpm154 made by YAMAHA SY99 with cakewalk.) that track was first made track in 21’c groove.
People surprise that track.
And 1998 I like music video Korean famous woman singer Kim Hyun Jung’s 
Farewell from her (korea name was Geneyoohe ibyul.). I was many view and very like and I was want marry with her myself. 
And I was to go many party held by 21’s groove. 
I remember DJ wada (from japan) and Branda russel.
I am very shock with DJ wada’s play. That japan techno was very danceable.
And I also remember DJ dalparan’s techno tracks very memorable.
I was not to talk to dalparan much. I was very regret.
But I must go to mental hospitarl at 1998/09/06.
Why go to metan hospital I don’t want mention. Some not good.
And I was not good mental health.
And I was to go mental hospital at 1999/11. Don’t want explain.
And at 1999 I make many my tracks. 
And at 19990528. At nownuri, chating room.
I enter somegirl made room. and his id was fiona21(lee suahh.)
I say to her. And some guy was attend chating.
Her purpose was meeting with movie and food.
That movie was matrix. We chat and plan to meet tomorrow.
Her was my age born at 78 and guy was age born at 79.
Her was attend to Gukmin university with major internation trade at 97 id.
And guy was attend to yeonse university with some major.
And we chat about various talk.
I am boast my musician job and subsysop etc.
I like her and guy. We promise tomorror meeting.
And tomorrow we meet at jongro, seoul.
I was to go early and I was no cellphone.
And I call to her but her is not want here some. But I want to meet her.
I frequently want to hear. But she was live in Incheon.
She was ok and maybe to come here.
And I met that guy looking good.
We talk and some after we met her. Her is some beauty and tall.
I already bought tickets and I send to them receive money.
We go to food store. I want to go Macdolald. But they want general food store.
We set on table and We order I order korean style hot noodle (Nangmeon.)
. and two people order Japanese stlye noodle.
We talk lot. I boast of me. They think me artists. Want signature. haha.
I view to them my party pic and home party. They maybe good.
Her is some knowledge of music.
And We go to see movie. That time I was have glasses.
Movie was so good. And I send to them my squid and etc. They was maybe joy.
And after movie we say goodbye at station. I want to go singhouse. But we goodbye.
Her was not tall but very beauty.
After come to my house. I some fall in love with her. And I compose her song.
Name was Lovelove. Was made by Impulse tracker. Very memorable day and I can make good hit track.
And I wrote to them mail. I praise her and him.
And I fall in love with her my not first love but that time I was love.
But I must go to mental hospital at 199906. Don’t want mention.
I was hers pic print and make CD and I discharge again.
After my mother bought my new computer and hdd.
I was happy. And I make many my hit tracks.
That time I was use cakewalk 6.0 sequencer.
And I bought my new synthesizer YAMAHA EX5.
That was so pretty expensive. I was pay over 3000usd.
I was want to buy An1x. but ex5 was include that engine.
EX5 was 76key aftertouch key and virtual analog and FDSP and AWM and
VL(virtual acoustic). Very recent gear and good.
I was have two synth. but no mixer use.
That time I was use soundcard (not audiocard.) HOONTECH soundtrak ruby.
So good card. 
I was good patche maker I was making good patche using sy99.
And EX5 was so another dimension.
Overal sound is good. 
And EX5 can be combine various engine.
I was made many tracks. I was found BPM secret.
I set the my bmp at 144.33. cakewalk can be set that bmp.
that track like DJ hell’s track.
I was buy CD X-MIX 5 Wild syle by DJ Hell at 1999.
And I was buy CD X-MIX 3 by Ken Ishii at 1998.
And ken ishii track Echo Exit and DJ hell’s My definition of house music was good.
I was like many label especially Paul Oakenfold Perfecto and R&S label and
DeConstruction and BMG and polygram etc.
I think I need my company label name cause I was at 1995 Pump. (After DJ Dalparan use this name.) and at 1998 SX8.
SX8 mean abbreviation of stompmix plus 8.
at 1999 I draw picture by pen SX8 at my room. but my father that pic get out.
Why he do that I don’t know.  
and my 1999’s artist name was SMIX: stompmix and MK: The Mixkezox
and at 2000. At feb. I buy KORG Z1 at midiandsounds. Around 1500usd.
My father bought me. But I was consider buy ACESSS VIRUS B.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
But I decide Z1. Z1 was very various Engine have.and I try make good patches.
My 2th virtual analog. And many know like to me.
And good filter and I was cutoff bass make.
And from 1999/10. I found good goa psychedelic trance FTP.
That name was now not remember but ID and password was goa 604.
Many famous aritsts’s track there. I gather lot and make CDs by CDwriter.
At 1999. Many oldschool goa style artists and tracks are lot.
Like Hallucinogen, Man With No Name, Shakta, Transwave, Electric Univese, Total Eclipse, Infected Mushroom, Goa gil, Yahel, Green nuns of revolution etc.
And very impressive and lot listened.
And want to make that sounds.
GOA trance is Kind of trance musics. Repeatedly bass is trade mark.
And aggressive trance lead and many effected sounds and pad vocal talk etc.
Many tracks have at voice at Movie tracks.
I was listened Man With No Name’s Earth Moving The Sun and moment of truth and
MWNN’s mixset at BBC. 
I was very fan of Martin Freeland.
I was first listen martin’s works at 1996. For Perfecto Compilation.
Floor the essence is very impressive that mindblowing lead and indian summer remix. I realize Martin’s tracks is particular by other artists.
I expect Martin’s next works. That is at 1998. Earth Moving The Sun.
That have many hit tracks. I like most of them especially Own The World and 
The First Day (Horizon) and Possessed etc.
At The First Day (Horizon) have Mark Gardernor’s vocal. He some famous in UK.
And very impressive vocal was. I very repeatly listen from 1999/04.
At 1999 hongdae, seoul, at Club NBINB (Russian name.). many hit tracks DJ jorg played. But martin’s The First Day (Horizon) was best of best. Some woman scream.
I was shocked that unforgettable melody. And after that party I was to be Goa Psychedelic Trance Mania. 

And that day I was really team with MWNN martin. And I make team name was
SMIX/Man With No Name. and I make my midiandsound id: smixmwnn
Martin maybe like if he know.
And at Martin was Atomic records at UK. 
I send to email to dragonfly records and my cd send to him and write want team with him. and after I call to atomic records talk and call to dragonfly records and cd was send to martin message listen. I was very happy. But my big mistake.
I was write to my cd my email. I was lazy to active that email address.
Email address was mixkezox@hotmail.com. I was very regret.
If martin send to that address but not confirm. Very sorry martin. hehe.
 “Gangnamstyle” and respond is very good. )
And I was make lot tracks and at last I found Korea company DMK (Digital Music Korea.) and I release my first commercial track “Goa club”.
And I make very lot tracks and everyday make track.
And My first earn was 40usd. But I was happy.
And 2th earn was 400usd and I buy Waldorf Q rack.
And 3th earn was over 700usd I was very happy.
And I keep lot tracks making and at 2012 My tracks at store will maybe over 900.
And at 2013 I was become Company Label CEO.
I was make “NHJO HYENNRO records.”
And I try many track everyday.
Someday at 2007 I try 100 track one day.
That tracks are not bad and I succecc make 100 track one day.
And I send to DMK.
And I was make at 1998.
I was make very long track like 30 min.
I was made using Impulse tracker.and I was made two 30 min track.
I was play at my live but Now I lost them. Very not good.
If that track exist now That track change the world.
And 2012 Psy is release Gangnamstyle.
I think that maybe my story. Very thanks PSY.
And PSY will be very famous.
Still people play that tracks.
And My one of plan is work with PSY.
And at 2016 I was contract USA company Symphonic distribute.
I think that company is very nice.
And I start release worldwide store like
Itunes and Juno and bearport and google and amazon and Spotify and more.
I was very happy and China store Pyro also good.
And at now 2017 Now My total release track at store is over 1400.
But I will still make lot tracks and I will make more over 40000 until my age old.
And I was make very various artists names.
My first name was Nartin Freeland like Martin Freeland.
And  after I was Norc Hyenryx. And after Nooc Hyennro.
After I say why Nooc use. That are basis of number.
Alphabet is 26 and have own number like A=1 B=2 more.
That principle cause My original korean name Cho hyun oh in korean is 47
Cause I reckon number Nooc is N =14 O=15, 15 = c is 47.
Cause Nooc is made. I was live N. cause N is very nice.
Nasa and Nba, Norway, Nostradamus, etc.
Hyennro is Hyun is my original name and nro also.
N=14 R=18 O=15 is 47. I love 47. And R+O 33 mean in korean hyun oh is 33.
Cause I use 33 + 14 = 47.
And after I make Ndno Hyennro.
Also counts N=14 D=4 N=14 O=15 is 47. And 
Counts total 47 + Hyen is H=8 Y=25 E=5 N=14 33+19 = 52 and plus 47. 99.
And total 47 + 99 = 146.
We must recommend many word analysis That are very interesting.
And You must many efforts and enthusiasm You must be like Me.
Michael is how.
M=13 I=9 C=3 H=8 A=1 E=5 L=12 is 
22 11 6 12 3318 is 51
And martin is how.
M=13 A=1 R=18 T=20 I=9 N=14 
14 38 23 52 + 23= 75.
Paul is how.
P=16 A=1 U=21 L=12 17 + 33 = 50.
This style We must recommend If you very genius this style try and study and research.
But Our HEAVEN projects success and invent New language and words.
And Then more complex You ready?
And Nhjo Hyennro = also total 146.
How is.
N=14 H=8 J=10 O=15 22 25 = 47 and hyennro is 99 total 146.
And recently I invent new name NXVN Hyennro.
That technology made by also me but NXVN is not intend by number.
That are My Random but nice technology.
I invent that name at once. But analysis that.
N=14 X=24 V=22 N=14 38 36 74 + 99 = 160 + 13 = 173.
We must say many word if you analysis, very interesting and you’ll  be genius.
Recently I made XRVB Hyennro and XRCV Hyennro.
That are also fastly Random my technology.
I also make very various Name like NMJ. XW and XVB.
And Our HEAVEN projects high member use Our High technology name.
And Famous names like James Hetfiled and Paul Gilbert etc.
If Joe satriani play well guitar. But 
He always use Joe Satriani but at special live.
At his play. People wants another name use.
And Joe Satriani use Paul Gilbert.
And then His play maybe very different but 
He was lot of use his Joe Satriani name and then plus effect.
And Then His guitar play will be different
This mind is very importants.
Most of people use their own name until old.
But That’s not good.
Some people was so nice Basketball player.
But He use name Mark Martin.
But his play is so nice.
But He know awesome Player Michael Jordan.
Most of Basketball player use Secretly despite not many use.
Use Michael Jordan yes Michael Jordan name was very
Genius for play well basketball with shape.
You must know Shape is very important.
If Michael Jordan was Nichael Jordan his play will be more?
Maybe many basketball player use secretly use Michael Jordan.
We must know Alphabet’s shape technology.
Each alphabet have their unique goods.
Some people like A some people is M.
And We must know about number shape.
123456789. This is Arabia number.
But invent by too old date.
We must think make new number shape.
Now We are very high level life.
And Maybe We make new number shape.
Our life is more evolve and advanced.
But We think that old shape also interest.
I will make big hit track gangnamstyle or yesterday or master of puppets
MODO (Super gut, eins zwei polizei (I can do german some well. I also mania foreign language at my house many foreign word book lot from 2001. I have Russian, german, japan, korean, French, Italy, India, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, China, Mongo, English,  Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Persian, Greece etc and I can speak and read some well and study now.)
also I make My particular language researching now that language will be press in my future.)
and I found recently why goa psychedelic trance bass repeated that point was
in india language have Line over the word shape. I found that and to my friends I explain.) I love india nation and religion and culture and people etc cause I like
goa psychedelic trance. I know india have many culture and religion hindu and Buddhism etc and india people I know good brained I heard. And very particular language shape I like and lot popularity 2th. Also I love china cause I love their kungfu and people and moive (I am also mania of Bruce Lee and Jet Li and Donyie and Jackiechan etc.) and I was at 2004 to 2006 2 years and 1 half kungfu academy (master was Park Je seung. I like master.) trained and I peak before 1 dan (danbo.)
and recently I invent my particular technology. I will record by cam and upload.)
and I love Germany because They start war twice many nation hate some but I love their culture, music, people and great technology (Recently most of sequencer Cubase and Logic and ableton live etc and NI’s vsti and tone2 and many.).
and Germany is worldbest club have nation and club culture. 
And I love also UK. My favorite producer martin’s nation and many famous artists and movie actor and culture and English is most use world language and UK have many sub nations history. I am also mania of USA. Now world 1th GDP and power nation. I have 3 times go there and very satisfy. USA people very kind and good. And many famous university like Harvard (Harvard was my want to go university with 
Boston Berkley and GIT(Paul gilbert’s guitar school.) and MIT etc.
And worldbest themepark nation I like very roller coaster USA indeed many coster nation. If I have time I will all of the theme park and want to ride all coaster.
And This new president Trump I like. (because my artist name stompmix like and more tall etc.). but I also like George bush (because in his date I’m my best life time was cause young and handsome.). and Bill Clinton also like because I was very happy time at my middle school time president.)
And I love also japan (Because Japanese are very kind and smart. Music is very advanced and I love their music gear especially synthesizer. And king of game nation. I was very like Tekken Tag Tournament 1 (I’m very well world top pro level.).
And nowdays I play with Tekken 5. And Japanese girl are pretty and charm.
Also man do good. But I am very not good cause 2011 tsunami. If not tsunami
world more happy and safe. But japan get courage. I compose Tokyo song at 2012.
And I live play record movie my YAMAHA SY99. Many people very like this track.
And my home country korea. I think people north korea is bad, south korea is good.
I don’t think Was korea was one country. But after korea war one is devide.
I am not good. I think now korea is World GDP 11th and people are very diligent and now Good have company like Samsung and LG etc. I hope recently two nation to one peacefully. I think north korea people not bad. They were Chosun one nation.
We will to one fastly and peacefully. I want.
And Russia! Also I love worldbest large nation and good resourse and I love they culture, music and weapon technology etc. I love Putin very much because handsome and smart. Russia and USA after coldwar I want to be friends.
Each other share resource and technology are will be good.
and I also love France. My favorite artists Daft Punk ? Da Funk.
I was listen at 1996 and very shocked with long hit melody.
France is near Germany and friend nation I think. I love their music, culture, people,etc and Paris is one of the Nice Fashion City I think.
Many notable artists and famous people I know and I very mania of 
Nostradamus. He is great person I think But I don’t want worldend. Hehe. 
And I love also Italy. I love their culture and music and people and etc.
They have many club I know and worldbest food Pizza maker.
I am mania of Papa johns and Pizza hut, domino pizza.etc.
I want to be invent pizza technology and want to be chain. Hehe.
And Italy is maker of one nation Euro Dance, Italy Dance I love.
And Italy is very particular long shape nation interesting.
Nice nation.
And I also love Sweden. I was mania of Ace of Base (I like Jonas Bergglin and his friend ulf very much and also love linn (marin I was at teen I want to marry with her hehe. And Jenny.). some large country some cold but I like their culture and music and people etc I am very want to go Stockholm. I think very nice city.
And I know great Volvo and etc. and Sweden’s nobel (novel prize maker.) I like him.
Very smart man. I think Sweden is more advanced future.
And I also love Norway. Norway call number 47. I love number 47. Because I was 
Invent new technology at 2000/10. My original korean name (now I’m AZ NHJO HYENNRO.) was cho hyun oh. At korean word shape have word order number.
Analysis that name number is 47. Because I love 47.
English is now alphabet of 26. 
A B C D E F G H I J K L   M  N O P  Q  R  S T U  V  W X Y Z
1 2 3 4  5 6  7 8 910111213 14151617181920212223242526.

A+B = 3 because A is 1, B us 2. 
Fight is 6 9 7 8 20 = 50.
This is some important I think.
I think if you study this my technology you will be genius and more smart I think.
You must many word try analysis by my technology.and you earn new technology.
I think Shape is very important.
I already many word analysis did. You try it!.
Question. How number peace? 
That is 16 5 1 3 5 = 30. Haha. If you many try you will solve easily.
Also other language can. German unt is how? Easy 21 14 20 = 55. 
Also I learn to you another my technology.
You may exercise word reverse read skill.
I teach you.
This reverse is siht. If you try many you will do easily.
Thank you reverse is uoy knaht.
Genius reverse is suineg.
Another language can if French est reverse is tse.
I think if you exercise this my technology you will more smart and genius.
And I also love Canada. Very large country. And I love their culture, music, people etc. and many resource and nice nation viewers. And I think Canada woman is very sexy and nice men. Hehe. and near USA. Very friendly nation of USA. I think very distinctive nation.
Also I love Spain. Spain was great nation for nice ship. I think.
I love their culture and music and people etc.
My some of friends guitarist Park Hyun Woong graduate at Madrid, Spain.
And I know very distinctive music culture like Spanish Flamango Guitar. I love.
And other nation’s story is later I promise.
And again my story.
At 2002. I make my plan for extra project.
That was I was want to team with worldwide famous artists and nice peoples.
Like first 2 unlimited and 2th M.C Sar & The Real McCoy and after Paul Van Dyk after Man With No Name after Metallica etc. but I change my plan to more great artists wants and many. And that project named SX8. And If I get lot money If I big hit I will buy large area and want to make special city at My want places.
That time was I was want to build at russia.
Because We want opposition.for our technology evolve and interest and joy.
And some artists wants each other you like choose project was.
And My dream changed at 2004. We wants more interest cause We
Are live in special areas for only special people. But My plan is not only special peoples. If any people pass the examination if you want to live here or your ability was nice we grant you allow live at special areas. It is fare games.
That special areas is only live worldwide famous people and musicians and etc.
Big food buffee store and special club and secret work place it just HEAVEN.
But have courage any people who want to live at HEAVEN.
You study hard and advance your self more high level and pass the examination or get special ability. Like HIGH University.
You can live at HEAVEN. Heaven is very large. You don’t worry.
We wants many worldwide famous people live in special areas. But don’t worry if not.
Because We grant to you We chance to you want to live at HEAVEN.
Very study hard at your school and university and life and work hard and 
More advanced your technology skill get and Pass the examination and You can
Some people died you happy? Only you. We do not terror.
Terror is to our earth and other planet level down. you know?
Other planet high people laugh they very low level fight know their loss. 
I think never terror again wants
Man and woman sex and pregnant each other.
We are human on earth. Similar DNA and we have our eyes and hearts and body 
But We advice to you if you want Tekken Pro level you study TTT.
We wants Tekken Tag Tournaments release Net play have original graphic netversion We wants and more graphic advanced version also wants or more new players version also wants. If the TTT 2 released and We know near future will be release TTT 3. But Our Pro level Tekken players wants Original TTT netversion.
We know worldwide famous Tekken pro level player now play old TTT 1 despite release new TTT 2 or future will release TTT 3,4,5,6,7,etc.. 
Our korea have worldtop TTT players like Jang Ik su, Seul dong min and Lee jun oh etc. And now Worldwide games room most of have TTT. Why 1999 games now games room? because Masterpiece. If you know most of man do well play Tekken but woman user well player not many. We think most of woman user more study Tekken and other Games. Balance is important We think.
If you tekken first You maybe very hesitate. But Tekken is good games for your 
Brain evolve and advanced. Most of famous busy high level people like politician not 
Many play games. But We wants all people on earth are More Game player for your life your life changed We promise. Old masterpiece game by russia Tetris. That game change world many people plays that game over the night or on your work at company your high people stealthily. We wants more innovation like TETRIS games.
Similar game people feel bored. We wants Diffirents games. And for your life.
Play many Flash games on net that games are some are very easy but advance your brain and life and soul etc. Easy game start if you game beginner.
First time you play even easy game but you effort to play game you will be evolve and your life change but at some level reach is important but if you have your
Homework (student) or work (businessman etc.) too many games brings not good.
But sometimes you game enthusiasm that Is very good for your life and future your childs.
If you get games technology you evolve and your DNA will be evolve and advanced and advanced your cell and soul and spirit and effort and feel game technology.
If game maker or programmer what they wants? You know?
They are very expert they computer well and high level educated and very genius and wants they games change world and space. Anyway They are human they wants from their games big hit and lot money and their games wants famous
Masterpiece and worldwide and other planet peoples also wants like like Tetris and Tekken and Star craft and Racing game and simulator games like Simcity and Roller coaster games like Planet Coaster and Rollercoaster Tycoon series. (My 1999 dream was Coaster game make with Chris Sawyer. My purpose new 3D coaster games called Space Coaster (please view for future coaster game maker or company. We need new demention coaster game I called that SPACE Coaster.
Coaster but coaster type and demention is not only earth. Coaster looks like Space and other planet people and aliend or god made. And very different coaster type and rail course coaster looks like Spaceship etc Aline God coaster. Coaster rail to very long distance to planet and planet with We wants more various coaster type and rail 
And We want Ture Color choose for coaster and rail etc like photoshop etc. and 
food you get some drinks and wants listen musics and dance. All of human feeling similar because Your life you very efforts and high level life and have nice marry and have nice children and high educated and have money and have good dream you must feeling more good. We HEAVEN projects pursuit all humans feels so good any rich and poor and young and old peoples. But We say generation is some importants.
If you born at early Earth life. They take fired food by hunting. But can’t listen recenlly danceable hit tracks and no club and poor house. You must feel so bad. But At that times wants what they must be play to more good life good house etc.
And We question They early people anticipate now this wonder future.
That early people maybe more good life and more technology wants.
And very effors each other all of the worldwide because compete.
And We must say about Gears.
At 2020 Tokyo Olympic held We must say that is good. 
Someone aware of Radioactivity some players and nations.
But Not very bad. We will help Japan. And Tokyo are some radioactivity but not bad.
Because why Why say safe Japan is high country and named.
Already decide at Tokyo. And maybe 2020 tokyo Olympic will be success.
That is Our Projects aim. We must encourage to Japan. Cause Our projects main member. Our HEAVEN member use always Japan’s music gear from DX7 and SY99 and 
But different from CD and wav.
I was also MP3 lover lot mp3s get from net and many people also.
At1999, 2000 some company start P2P based MP3 irregular site.
Like Napster and here korea Soribada and more lots.
I was also member and many people get mp3s from that.
But We must say now airplane safe.
We see past airplane crash news.
Company and pilot please more care for safe.
Many business men and etc use airplane frequently.
They think only one life they game for jobs.
We think in future airplanes are more safe and advanced with no accidents We hope.
And again UFO.
We call to now AFO.
Some nation already invent UFO like airplanes.
At youtube you’ll see UFO like airplanes.
That maybe Some strong nation’s new things.
We say any nation must make next generation AFO.
That must be big effort future technology.
We foretell near future at 2040 people can ride AFO and 
Nation to nation trip possible fastly.
And We must say about Space.
Some high people believe on space. Another planet and peoples there.
Any Any people wants meet them and friendly are naturally.
We know another planet and people do not wants war.
They wants peace and wants more evolve.
They visions are very high. 
Recently terror and etc are not high did.
They wants peace and wants contact and happy.
Maybe near future they contact to earth.
And We accept they propose and We will be evolve.
Maybe They have high technology.
At movie Any aliens have small nose and bizarre body.
But We think that are small aspect.
Some aliens have big nose and very high body.
Maybe they already invent high speed plane planet to planet.
We will learn their high technology.
And Earth will be great.
But We know sun is bigger than before.
Now earth is not safe.
Some high nations and people already plan to another planet moves.
That are naturally.
In near future strong nations send to another planet like moon etc.
And We think at 2080 that are possible.
At 2080 at moon people there and live and enjoy and that size is
Not small maybe more big New York and good.
But We know God exist.
You see earth and moon and etc planet.
Earth now very old planet.
But We say about Guitar and Piano.
We think Guitar and Piano is most popular instruments.
High music nation’s most people can play.
But We know nowdays real acoustic instruments are not many.
You know violin, Viola, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Trumpet, Saxaphone, Percussion.
And etc more.
Now High end synthesizer have very various instruments.
More CD or LP sounds can possible on synthesizer.
People must know more enthusiasm for old classical musics for your influenced.)
And Sash’s Adelante If you listened that melody. You will be very impressed.
Many other nation’s music are also great but We learn about Europe music mind.
We think worldwide music are also great and particular.
We must more study and research and nations must advanced for your country.
That’s are very important for Our HEAVEN projects.
And We know nowdays nation’s language are very good and useful.
But We must to be more high, cause We must make more high language and words.
That maybe long times but We think near future within 20years we can.
If change new language and words everything will be changed.
Music, Computer, People, Company, Culture, etc.
Nowdays language shapes are too old made things.
Our high level people and peoples will can be make possible We think.
And We say some foreteller say about worldend.
And some people fear about that.
But We must know nobody wants worldend.
We must say We foretell no again Nuclear wars.
Now Some strong nation have Nuclear weapons.
But That are not dangerous.
Strong nation’s do not want’s Nuclear war.
They only nation power indicate.
We must say anyone don’t think about Worldend or Nuclear war.
Nobody don’t want that.
Any presidents never want  that and peoples.
Nowdays happy nation. Who want die? Who wants end.
We must say anyone do not think about Worldend or Nuclear war.
Our north korea also know.
Some of people some bad them.
But They are not bad. They are also human and have rights.
They do not want Nuclear war or world war.
That only project. We know North korea Kim Jung Eun. never
Wants war. His did are only plan.
From Korea was one nation from old dates.
Korea have very old history.
And near Japan are very friendly nation and we share knowledge and 
Culture etc. 
In gogurue and sinra and bakje and gorye and chosun.
Nortth korea was chosun.
But not good korean war we separate.
But We don’t want separate.
We help korea. And will be one nation like Germany soon.
Some strong nation do not wants people say but that are not fact.
Strong nation wants that.
Because now Korea is very high nation become.
Samsung, LG, Hyundai etc more now world top company people recognition.
If we one nation, early are some problem and but soon good.
We will help korea and Strong and worldwide nation will help korea.
Some people some nation don’t want to one nation that are not fact.
Every nation and people wants to be korea to one nation peacefully.
We do not want war again in korea.
That’s are tragic. And We do not allow.
We foretell never again war in Korea.
Russia and China that know They do not want war again.
They also wants korea to one nation.
We foretell within 10 years korea to be one nation peacefully.
Kim Jung Eun was Kim jung il’s child and Kim Il sung’s grandson.
South korea still some people hate them.
But That minds are not good.
More good minds is We recognition old before chosun and 
We are one nation and peacefully and happy.
We must think only now north korea is some bad. That’s not good.
People think about north korea was part of chosun.
And Think about old good story and forget korean war and 
To one nation peacefully all worldwide people wants that.
Our plans is Now south korea is very high level and
North korea also high level technology.
North korea is some big than south korea.
And Pyoungyang is capital of north korea but some west than seoul.
That fact Pyongyang some to the near Europe.
That are north korea are not evil.
Pyongyang maybe wil be Another good city if korea to one nation.
We foretell Pyongyang will be famous city worldwide.
North korea have some cold than south korea.
But they have good resource and mountain and nature.
Some people think too many mountain there.
But That are good for famous nation.
Maybe korea to one nation.
They have Gyumgang mountain and Baekdo mountain etc.
That mountains have really great and If korea to one nation.
Most of north korea nature and mountain will be famous.
Many people visit to there and enjoy.
Also Korea have nice beach. Foreigner recognition that.
Kyungpo and Haewonde etc are worldtop beach.
Other famous beach worldwide there.
They have each particular aspect.
But Korea beach and sea are very great.
But We must know nation size and wealth and rank is some important.
But We must efforts to be happy nation.
We wants every nation will be nice and happy no war, no terror.
And We say main keeping peace cause We think music.
We think music is one of important now world peace.
Some music are so hardcore and dangerous.
But Overal music is main element to keep world peace.
We must say Please make good music evolve is important.
But too hardcore may cause bad accident like terror.
Every musicians know that please make Good Hits musics 
Bad music is cause terror and war and bad mind for people.
But Most of now on earth musician We think not bad. 
We know Most of them effort good music making and want to be famous.
If our HEAVEN project will be success. All of the musicians will be good.
We must make World Top Portal Site.
And on Music. 
We think we need World Top Music site at each nations.
That sites have very experted people made.
And Worldwide each site Have ranked and each nation.
And very various Genre/Style section have.
And Each musicians have own page.
We think now on earth have very various genre/style.
But We wants more genre/style needed.
And You must know Electronic music’s good.
Now Very various music style at electronic music.
Now House is very popular.
But We recommend Goa Psychedelic Trance enthusiasm
We think Goa Psychedelic Trance is most evolve music style.
Some people think psychedelic is not good for health and mind and lke drug.
Some psychedelic trance musician take drug.
But that reason are They wants more evolve technology wants.
Not Only for their mind.
And We think about drug.
Some drug are very danger for health and mind.
At goabase Germany is always top.
We learn germany’s club culture We wants other nation’s club cultures will be like Germany that are We wants.
If other nation like Germany U think?
Now Germany have more 300 party. But If you think Another stong music nation USA held party like Germany? More over 400?
That’s will be good.
We must learn Other nation’s culture and language.
Each language have particular aspects.
We know one of Top Music strong nation USA. They have famous artists and culture.
They top in POP, rock, Metal, Jazz, etc.
But They use English. English is from UK.
But alphabet from Latin.
You know English, German, French, Russian etc have
Similar shape and words.
English What is this? German are Was ist das etc.
Famous scientist Albert Einstein was Israel german.
We think why he is genius He was from Israel + german technology.
Israel people are very smart we know and plus german technology.
And His many efforts. He maybe very effort for his israel + german 
Technology and wants be famous people worldwide and contribute his technology for peoples.
And at last He be world famous scientist.
And nowdays His works are other people’s dream
We foretell in future If we success HEAVEN projects and people efforts
We another Einstein will be appear
Now each nation students and people very efforts to be famous and contribute for future life that’s are very nice and future is more evolve.
And Germany talk.
Some people German was good nation before.
But They start World war twice.
But some people that’s are very not good.
But too many that thinks are not good.
We know german’s culture and history and music and people.
German have many worldwide famous artists and scientist and peoples.
And you know german is 2th language use.
We think Germany is very proud of their things.
Cause They wants more large place.
Nation size is not importants. But other maybe importants.
They wants proud of they culture and music and peoples etc.
And They wants to be live at more large place.
And German start with Italy and Japan.
If you think German is more big than now?.
Germany is 4TH GDP country.
German know If they more big nation They will be perfect.
That cause start war.
We must know Worldwar twice is some bad, but 
They intend is more big nation and more future they wants.
But We don’t understand bad did for Israel.
Before war Germany and Israel is friendly nation.
Many Israel people live in there and high position.
And Hitler. Some of people hate Hitler. But Hiler was some good without did for Israel and war.
He was early so poor and He draw picture and enter the army.
And He know german people are smart.
And He made Nazi and manage german.
He know German is very smart but now Nation size is not enough for our.
And If we gain more place We can make more high place.
Now USA have very famous high ranked university.
And people very enthusiasm efforts.
Some reason have We have large nation and resource and technology and music
And We use English and We can more.
And Some think We know Europe and asia history long.
But We overcome that and We use telephone number 1.
But We rethink of nation number.
Now USA and Canada use 1,
Russia 7, Germany 49, UK 44, Japan 81 etc.
But We must rethink about this number.
That number made at too early.
Now modern world must be rethink about number.
That problem We rethink about that.
Some people do not important number.
But Number change world.
Every nation have their number.
But some nation and people like this.
But some nation and people do not like.
If any nation you go. But USA is placed at medium.
In CA. There have mild 4 seasons.
In winter not cold. In summer not hot.
People think there have nice climate and facts.
In CA. Many big company there.
Because That place good for works.
We also like East like New York etc.
But CA only bad for Earthquake.
If CA not earthquake area, CA more high.
CA also bring Metallica.
If you listen metallica’s master of puppets etc.
You feel so good.
First Riff and Vocal and Solo and peak solo was perfect.
But now too many only USA.
We must make more theme park worldwide.
More advanced coaster more ride.
And Nation know theme park and coaster impact 
Nation quality and help company more nice.
In Russia. We know russia make first coaster.
And Russia have large place and have technology.
Russia invent first space thing.
And Now Russia have very high technology with space and weapon etc.
And You know in Russia now very high club scene and culture and music.
Now russia popularity not many. 
But We wants more russia high technology.
And Russia can do that.
Make more high school and university and encourage them.
And more big company needed.
We also wants Russian CPU and OS etc.
If you amaze Russia make new nice CPU and OS and that are popular.
Russia have high technology and encourage them and make new nice thing.
And can world change.
We know English is very smart and useful language.
But Russian also have goods.
Russian language is people think hard to use.
But If you some efforts for study Russian.
You’ll know how Russian language is nice.
We must make new language and words but old 
Is also important and We must set balance.
And Coaster Russia invest more famous theme park.
And invent new coaster and ride.
Theme park is now modern world very important.
Not only russia, worldwide nation must know that
And make new Theme park and coaster and ride.
But We must know ride’s safe.
Some ride cause accidents and We must make more safe and advanced Ride.
Now world have their theme park and coaster and ride.
In Japan in Fuji-Q have now worldbest new coaster there.
And Foreigner trip to go enjoy and wonder.
We must know not large Japan is very enthusiasm for make Theme Park and coaster and ride. Now world have their theme park but
We wants more advanced.
Now USA have many theme park like Disney and Six flag etc.
Other nation must be learn USA’s enthusiasm.
We wants  more theme park and coaster and ride like Six Flag.
And South korea have now standard theme park level.
Overal coaster is standard and old.
At everland, built worldbest wooden coaster. 
But wants more.
South Korea also have at seoul, lotte world.
And some nice ride there. And at children park
Now rebuilt. South korea must have more theme park 
At seoul and outside.
At USA’s Disney park is now USA, france, japan etc.
But Disney park is very important now.
So many people go there and enjoy.
More nation make new theme park  needed.
We think Disney is nice but nation must have 
Their particular culture influence theme park and coaster and ride needed.
And We foretell in future worldwide have new theme park and coaster and ride and 
People enjoy.
As you know now cisuation so danger.
We must only see, We must help Japan and world.
Now Japan get off their pollutions to see.
Cause Human eat water or animal that radioactivity must fastly grow
Multifly like. And Human loss good ability.
And If time spend in Tokyo so danger.
But We think not to be live place.
That level are so light. But We hope move Japan to large Russia or Canada or USA.
People think that are maybe so difficult.
But Japan and Japenese are very important.
First Japan move big company and people to other nation.
We heard some Japan think capital to Osaka.
But in future Osaka also danger some. But We think that’s are not much.
Best method is Japan now lot money and enough move to other nation
With big company and high level people.
We heard Japan’s some high people move to other nation.
Japan nation consider about move and prepare projects.
In Russia or large nation very good that.
All japan move to russia is so lot time spend.
But Russia have very large.
Maybe can make twice or more new Japan possible.
But Russia north are some cold.
And UK.
UK people know English language born and many sub nation was have.
We think UK people is very smart and progressive.
We know about UK’s brilliant history and famous people.
They was have Newton and etc more.
We think Newton is one of the top contribute for earth.
And Many people Newton and Einstein was so genius.
And UK also very lot geart musicians have.
UK is not so big. But They are very progressive.
They start industry revolution. And lead the world.
Now one of the TOP nation USA was UK’s nation.
And Canada was and Austraila now etc.
And Their English is now world standard language become.
Every nation study and learn English.
And Every nation’s people use that.
And UK have beatles, pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Man With No Name, Paul Oakenfold, U2 (U2 from Ireland), Deep purple, Iron Maiden etc.
Now Beatles yesterday is one of the hits track.
And UK have lot artists and hit tracks.
We think English is very smart language for music.
Cause UK will be world top music nation lead with USA and Germany and Russia, China etc.
And We wants more high advanced university.
More high university appear UK’s position will be more.
And also Germany.
We hope Germany’s new high level ranked university wants.
If German’s high university lot Germany will be more position.
And Other great Nation must be more high education and high rank university We wants.
And Korea.
Now South Korea have so many progress.
Korea was one nation.
And Korea have some long history.
And We think China and Korea and Japan is 3 brothers.
And Very notable nations will be.
Now China is very smart people and long history and culture.
And Worldtop Popularity antion.
Some people foretell China soon more high.
China have their particular language and culture.
If you another nation, If you see china movie.
Hard to understand how to that action.
Very fast and logic.
They have long history.
We learn China’s mind and technology and language. Etc.
Now USA is top movie nation.
If USA made hit movie worldwide people see that and amaze.
After future USA will be more High level movie make.
But Another nation also needed efforts.
Cause USA people do not wants only USA’s movie hits.
Another movie nation CHINA.
They know how to move people’s mind.
They nation assist movie company and people also.
Because They wants CHINA’s culture and history spread to others.
And Korea prepare future and make famous people and politician.
And North korea is now very young presidents Kim Jung eun.
We must know He was so good. and world help North korea 
Al last Korea will be united.peacefully.
And North Korea wants more high education more high university for future.
And study more Foreign language technology and culture and music.
Germany was so nice music nation.
And North Korea must be increase culture and music.
Now North Korea must be Other nation’s culture and music etc.
We hope fastly at North Korea have food chain and culture.
Also We wants at North Korea Club. 
In future Pyounyang is very high music and culture city.
Many people trip go there and enjoy.
North Korea wants that We know. They do not wants war. That’s are only balance.
Many people praise North Korea. and then North Korea free their minds.
Now importants North Korea people wants free and other culture and music etc.
And USA forget 911 cause Minds.
And Efforts high again with high technology.
And then very Happy Nice nation without terror.
and music needed. We think Now Germany is Top music scene and Russia maybe
can come like Germany music scene We hope.
In future until 2030 Russia is more nice nation and Music and culture are very high level. Now this time People know Electronic music is very imporatants.
In Human. For long time ago People like Dance and Music.
If danceable Music play Any people wants Dance and enjoy.
That facts Why nowdays Electronic music popular.
Most of them people buy good computer and music gear and compose electronic music. Now you know at Juno and Beatport everyday release lot of stuff.
Too many release cause People don’t know who is who, what is this track.
We hope in Russia, Germany, Japan, USA, Korea, Japan, China make more high end audio system make wants.
And China and Korea, Japan they have very high technology.
We wants more high end audio system from there with other Great music lover nation also.
And in INDIA.
Many people love india.
And Their language are very particular like picture.
Some of people know why goa psychedelic trance bass is repeated.
We know that maybe their language and culture and religion.
Goa psychedelic trance’s bass is very repeated.
That mean everlasting life and religion.
and some people say Electronic music bring bad brain.
That are not fact.
But You know If someone start electronic music compose start,
Early time they feel so good not boring.
But you know age over 30 veteran musician.
Already Too many producing and listen about electronic music.
And That some boring. But electronic music is always fresh.
If you famous artists, you know still old Prodigy and Real Mccoy etc stuff listen nowdays. That facts are If you wants world hit tracks you listen old hit tracks.
some danger Tokyo more.
We only method move to large nation.
Because If radioactivity into electronic goods like synthesizer and cars and camera etc. and They have some radioactivity and If worldwide people use that that’are
Some danger. Now we wants no radioactivity goods.
But We know 2011 case Japan do not wants than other.
And Tokyo now 2020 olymphic city.
But If other nation player go to Tokyo.
But We think at 2020 lot of radioactivity will be remove We wants.
Lot of Japan people and other nation people We must research and study
How to remove Japan’s radioactivity.
As We say If God and Another planet people come to earth.
And At once by their magic and Japan and sea water’s radioactivity removed.
All of the worldwide people will happy.
Cause They wants no radioactivity Japan goods.
Now We must research and study how to remove Japan’s radioactivity into sea water and human and animals and goods.
And Robot can fast guitar solo and fast piano play can.
And Robot make electronic dance music very fastly.
If robot think another nice tracks and robot fastly process by CPU and make that.
And send to main server and server manage that and send to other robot and human
But Important is change robots function if robot malfunction and have many experts.
Change robot’s function is some very difficult and spend time.
Many robot hospital and doctor needed.
Most bad things are some people make bad robot.
In Movie terminater future robot war each other.
That are worst case.
UK scientists Steven hawking say that.
Main problem is too progressive robot.
That’s some fact.
If robot society very evolve.
And Robot revolt human and attack human and war.
That’s not good for other.
Then Robor maker and nation very caution about making robot and robot society.
But We think Robot is stong and smart.
But We must think best is more than Human.
Some people do not think that are impossible.
But now Human.
If God make human, maybe God know technology.
Many famous people wants long life like 900.
And most of people wants long life.
But now only 80-90.
But God know technology.
If we God contact and receive technology
We maybe more long life perfect body.
My part 1 is here next will be thank you.
And Black people.
We know Black people’s goods.
Black people do not frustration for counts.
That’s not important.
We think Black people not so many like Asian and White.
Black people are very smart.
They know How to control other minds.
And They are so very strong and naturally talented.
You know Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.
They were Black people and They great efforts and 
They change the world.
Everyone know their name and dids.
And now USA Nba players most of them.
But Also White player have unique goods.
And also Asian player have nice points.
We know Black people are very danceable.
Jordan play like dance.
And Jackson also good for dance.
Many people are amaze their did.
And Obama He was black.
But His great efforts and He become first black Presidents.
You know color black even other race very like.
Many of car and goods are black.
Also cola is black.
Black people know Black is nice color.
And don’t frustration for counts.
We foretell Black also lead the world and change more.
And This is my invents see that and We wants big company contact for make together.
Rhythm exercise and Calculator and To be genius technology.
I have a great patent Idea that idea was I was longtime ago invent by me.
And Our Projects success We need lot money.
And This my patents can possible lot money I think.
This calculator have lot of data and frequently ask to you. 567+567 = ? some genius fastly 1000 + 120 + 14 = 1134.
This type of exercise and practice will be you are genius. You understand?
And advanced question maybe type pie at until 20.
I was say pie is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795.
If you trained lot you will say that long pie order.
And another advanced question like 123 x 123 = ? can you fastly?
My math technology say multifly is like this 100 x 100 is 10000 and 23 x23 is 529  now you will see that is 15129. You see?
We wlll make big company with worldwide famous notable mathematician with 
Many advanced question and also user can record own fomular.and also wireless internet play possible and many genius user will be ranked.
We will make this with big company and We will succeed for Our HEAVEN projects.
And my 3th invent is this.
And We will make my AZ NHJO HYENNRO prize event. more high any prize events.
And My artists name I explain.
My first artists and after 2001. 
I was very enthusiasmfor MWNN martin.
We now 21century We must make new shape word and new words.
But We think old language shape also useful but We think
New shaped language needed for our future life.
We against to another planet peoples. 
We are using too old shaped and use very old words.
We think If we work toghther worldwide notable peoples 
We will reach another dimension and new high technology.
If you know word “God” but reverse is “dog” how stupid.
God is very high word but reverse is dog. We are very loss.
Cause We must make new shape language and make new words for perfect.
Cause We will make new shaped language and make new words with worldhighlevel peoples. I think many people using English. And I think English is so good.
But Too old shaped language and words. We now 21c.
We will make new shaped language and new words together.
Worldwide people we will succeed. We will win for another planet peoples.
I think we recently use nation’s language reserve but 
For our future life We must change our language.
I was from young I was think of new language and new words.
And at 2003 I was very lot new shaped languages and new words.
Our high level people members and worldwide notable peoples we will make 
New shaped language and new words. Many notable scholar and scientists also think of me.
If change our language and words everything will be changed. More evolve and be advanced like music and movie and thought and school and university and company and people We wants that.
And our CPU say I think intel and amd was so good.
But our future better life wants more technology
Near future maybe 2030 We will use high CPU like supercomputer We anticipate.
And HDD also grow at 2030 we use over 20 tera.
But We must say SSD will be main storage.
At this time now SSD 4 tera is very expensive but We foretell
At 2030 SSD is will be over 30 tera.
And now 201701015.
And We think nation call number is important but too old number.
I think change new. Because number is very important but 
Number made people are old. We think need new number.
Because We think not good number not good for nations grows.
And I will talk with UK producer martin freeland.
I think he is very genius top music producer.
He made 3 full albums.
And I listened his Mixset at BBC at 1998 and very impressived.
Recently I was friend of another UK producer Seb Taylor (Shakta.)
He is born at 1972 and friends of martin and various.
I was also like him.
Now goa psychedelic trance scene is more bigger.
But I think UK’s trance is very important at goa psychedelic trance scene.
First of Hallucinogen simon posford was also genius.
I was very enthusiasm his works and many listened and I was play many times at my liveset and DJ. I like shamanix very much. That tracks have long time and at highlight very nice goa melody leads.
I was also like his another project shpongle but I like more his old stuff.
And martin He is very well.
His tracks are different normal artists’s track.
He was used very old analog gear but his patch and sound making technology is different for other artists.
I heard He have many analog gear but now to move small studio.
And also I heard he was recording engineer.
At Goa Psychedelic trance scene many artists doing recording engineer.
My old friend Colin (OOOD) and Tim Schuldt was good for recording skill.
But most of goa psychedelic trance aritsts have good sounds making skill and recording skill I think.


DNG Music Academy for 3 Month
Mu Jong Kungfu Academy for 2 Years + 6 Month
Core recording Academy Music Recording and Music Compose at Kangnam graduate at 2001
Cosmos Music Academy Compose at 1999
U.C Berkley Extension Language school 1997 for 6 month.
Garak Highschool (foreign language: german) graduate at 1997
Gaewon Middle school graduate at 1994
Gaepo Elementary School graduate at 1991

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